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Download: monument-valley-road.jpg

Downloading: monument-valley-road.jpg Child Post Example

It is also possible to selectively display only a couple of these fields:

First numeric field123.45
First string fieldabcdef
Second numeric field456

Finally, we can also display just the value of a specific field, like this: abcdef.

We can also reference fields of any other post like this: abcdef or like this: abcdef.

It is also possible to create links using a custom field URL from the parent post: Click me!

Replicated fields

By using the same field names, it is also possible to automatically replicate some fields from parent to child (recursively).

This child post has the following fields which automatically replicate from its parent:

Image 1
First numeric field123
First string fieldabc
Checkmark field

Another way to show this, is to use b2evolution's [compare:...] short tag: